Who is this critter?
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Who is this critter?

I'm 19 years old.. I live with Stevie right now and will soon be living in a single next door to Emu and Stevie. I enjoy Origami and Rollerblading. I also like camping and fishing. I don't like to talk about myself so I want to stop now.

I work at GNC where I sell drugs. BWAH HA HA!!!


Friends (in no particular order) (don't try to find an order, there isn't one)

Sarah, Emily, Stevie, Helen, Rachel, Nicole, Kory, Andy, Brett, Neil, Katie, John, Mark, Joel, Bill, Rachel picolo, Mona (AKA BAM), Kim, Amber, Marianne, Jessica, Joey, Bridget, Eileen, Wendy,etc. I know I'm leaving some people out somewhere, but I am drawing dumb blanks right now and I want to get this page up.